Hyde offices close, Ocracoke evacuates

Published 1:38 pm Friday, September 2, 2016

Access to Ocracoke continues to be restricted to emergency personnel, utilities, vendors, residents and non-resident property owners only. Access to Ocracoke Island for visitors is prohibited until further notice.
The North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division currently has eight vessels in Hatteras/Ocracoke that are working on the evacuation to the north, and four vessels working the Cedar Island and Swan Quarter/Ocracoke route to the south and east.
Yesterday, Ocracoke evacuated 406 cars and 1,161 people through Hatteras, 26 cars and 54 people through Cedar Island and 20 cars and 40 people through Swan Quarter.
The Ferry Division is meeting this afternoon to determine the future ferry schedule for the remainder of this event. Visitors with reservations next week are advised to call their rental companies after the storm passes to check on the current conditions.
Due to severe weather conditions, all Hyde County government offices will close early Friday. As of now, offices are scheduled to reopen Tuesday at 8 a.m. Included in this closure is the Hyde County Health Department and all Hyde County solid waste convenience sites.