Hyde County election results

Published 5:34 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The following results are based on Hyde County residents only. They do not reflect statewide totals.


Board of Commissioners (Fairfield)

Benjamin Simmons III-1,618


Board of Commissioners (Lake Landing)

Earl D. Pugh Jr.-1,208

Thomas Midgette-831


Board of Commissioners (Ocracoke)

Thomas Pahl-1,540


Swan Quarter Sanitary District

Wayne Hodges-141



Ocracoke Sanitary District

Regina O. Boor-410

Scott Bradley-374



Engelhard Sanitary District

Brandon Marshall-106

R.S. Tony Spencer-94



Hyde Soil and Water Conservation District

Darren Armstrong-1,618



N.C. House District 6

Warren Judge-1,237

Beverly Boswell-942


N.C. Senate District 1

Bill Cook-1,165

Brownie Futrell-1,046