NCCF awards $10K to Hyde storm victims

Published 4:57 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Grants Committee of the North Carolina Community Foundation has approved a $10,000 grant to assist the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Hyde County.

This grant is specifically donor generated and is only for Hyde County. The grant will focus on the unmet needs of these victims.

The NCCF Grants Committee will continue to assess needs and funding opportunities in the coming weeks and months to make the most strategic decisions and most effective use of any additional funds that are raised.

The NCCF will work closely with the board as information is gathered for the grant-making discussions and decision-making.

Eligible nonprofit organizations will not be required to complete an application form. However, supporting documentation will be required. This will include: why they were selected to receive funding, what critical, unmet need the funds will be used for, who will benefit from it and what sources support this recommendation.

Grantees will be asked to report on the numbers of individuals/households that were impacted by their grant and how the funding was used: food/food supplies, prescriptions/medical supplies (not covered by insurance), emergency shelter, rental assistance/mortgage payments, utility payments, cash assistance and/or cleanup after the disaster. This report will be due six months after the grant is received.

Grant approval must be 100-percent board approved. The deadline for the board to make grant decisions is Dec. 31.