For the good of Belhaven and Hyde Co.

Published 6:19 pm Friday, December 23, 2016

To the Editor:

For the callers to Sound Off who continue to mock or defame Adam O’Neal, Adam is the wrong recipient of the utterances of these dolts. He has walked that extra mile. Fought the good fight. His heart is in the right place, not his pocket book. He values a hospital because of his compassion for his fellow man more than 30 pieces of silver. The dire need for a hospital to be reopened for the good of Belhaven and Hyde County fueled his passion to champion this cause.

The main driving force behind his endeavors was the absence of an emergency room. The extra 20-25 minutes on the rescue to Washington versus Belhaven could easily be the difference between life and death.

For those who decry O’Neal for his unselfish efforts to reopen the hospital for the good of Belhaven and Hyde County your slings and arrows should be aimed at those who would keep it closed, those that comprise the Pantego LLC four. Pity the offer of $500,000 failed to endow their hearts with compassion for another human being.

O’Neal persevered for naught. Should one of the LLC four have to board the rescue truck while suffering a heart attack, wonder if they would give “all” their money if only the hospital in Belhaven were open.

Also, LLC four, when God opens the book of life, you won’t be asked how much money you made, rather more like what did you do for your fellow man?

Thanks, Adam.

Billy Garris