Washington Park hosts duathlon

Published 4:36 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beautiful greenery, blue water and the Washington waterfront was the backdrop for this past weekend’s duathlon in Washington Park. The event tested the endurance of athletes from across North Carolina, and of some visitors from Virginia and Florida.

Usually a triathlon, the swimming portion of the race was cut out because of river conditions. In past years, a swim around the Pamlico would precede the bicycling portion. Athletes would then wrap up with a run. This year, the race started and finished with runs. The biking part was sandwiched between the runs.

Volunteers lined the race paths to hand out water to the athletes.

Athletes could partake in an Olympic-length event, or a half-length sprint version. Cameron Cook, of Chapel Hill, placed first overall in the Olympic duathlon. Juliane Totzke, of Durham, was the first female to finish the full-length race.

In the sprint duathlon, Tom Lehr, of Holly Springs, took first. Carrie Hughston, of Raleigh, was the first female to finish the sprint.

According to the results posted to www.racetecresults.com, no Beaufort County athletes participated in the Olympic duathlon. In the sprint, Washington’s Mark Roy placed 19th. Others from Washington included Shad Watters (31st) and Angela Harne (58th).