Haunted Pamlico launches new film project

Published 7:00 pm Friday, August 25, 2017

A Haunted Pamlico cast and crew celebrated Halloween a little early by filming a new short horror film on a sultry, sunny Saturday afternoon.

The group completed filming of “You’re Mine, You Monster,” which director Jonathan Clayborne expects to offer to the public soon. The film features Gary Woolard, Hunter Summers, Tori Banks, Eric Styons, Raven Simpson, Jennifer Woolard and William Reising, with Justin Casey serving as editor and cinematographer.

“It’s a very short, made for the internet, basically for today’s short attention span,” Clayborne said. “I will say this … it has a bit of a surprising ending. There’s a twist at the end.”

The film, shot in three hours under sweltering conditions, will be edited down to a five-minute version. It joins more than 20 other short films and promotional videos that have become part of Haunted Pamlico’s library over the last three years. Many of those projects can be viewed on the Haunted Pamlico Facebook page or YouTube channel.

“It’s been quite a journey,” Clayborne said.

One of Haunted Pamlico’s upcoming projects will be a full-length screenplay written by Roman Leary and based on an old folk tale.

“And we have some other exciting opportunities,” Clayborne added. “A lot of good things are happening.”

LIGHTS, CAMERA: Justin Casey, the film’s editor and cinematographer, talks technical pointers with actor Eric Styons. (Kevin Scott Cutler/Daily News)

UNAWARE: Tori Banks and Hunter Summers are filmed by Justin Casey in a scene from “You’re Mine, You Monster.” (Kevin Scott Cutler/Daily News)