NCWorks connects job seekers with employers

Published 7:30 pm Sunday, August 27, 2017

NCWorks Career Center is looking for prospective employees to connect them with local companies.

Darone Dancy, manager at the NCWorks Career Center in Washington, said the organization assists businesses from the employee services aspect. This involves recruitment, job screening, coaching, mock interviews and resume preparations, he added.

He said NCWorks helps hiring companies with finding prospective employees who fit the bill, thus creating a more efficient hiring system for all involved.

“We actually can partner with, you know, a specific employer or employers in general to hold job fairs for them. I’m actually doing a lot of work with other advanced manufacturing employers and even boating employers in Washington, as well,” Dancy said. “It really streamlines … what the employers are looking for, as well as matching the right candidates for the positions the employers are looking for.”

NCWorks most recently partnered with PotashCorp-Aurora to prepare for an upcoming career fair.

The career fair is set for Sept. 30, at PotashCorp’s employee center on Hickory Point Road. Positions available include maintenance and plant operation jobs, as well as spots in the apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship workforce training programs, according to a press release.

Prior to attending, those interested must fill out an application at an NCWorks Career Center and obtain Career Readiness Certification from a community college, according to the release.

The career fair also offers opportunities to veterans in particular, falling in line with another of NCWorks’ initiatives. From 9-10 a.m. Sept. 30, the fair will only be open to veterans. It opens to the general public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day.

Dancy, who is a U.S. Navy veteran, said many companies are looking for the employee qualities that veterans already possess.

“I think there’s a big emphasis nationwide to give back to the people that, you know, actually serve this country. There’s a lot of incentives that are going on with companies that actually hire veterans,” Dancy explained. “Potash, specifically, said, ‘Hey, let’s just make sure we’re taking care of our veterans.’”

Along with serving veterans and their families and assisting businesses, NCWorks also provides services for younger employees, facilitates educational opportunities, offers information on the labor market and helps employees transition into another career.

For more information about PotashCorp-Aurora’s career fair, or about other NCWorks services, call the NCWorks Career Center in Washington at 252-946-3116.