Both sides of the story

Published 6:19 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

To the Editor:

Your article on local response to redistricting was very one-sided, quoting the county Democratic chairman but no one from the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee, and two local progressives (liberals) but only one local Republican elected official.

This was particularly egregious in that it was Beaufort County Republicans who were most proactive in fighting the Senate redistricting that is very adverse to our county. The county GOP executive committee unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the Senate district, sent a delegation to Raleigh to discuss our objections with the committee chairman and had our county chairman, Keith Kidwell, and other members speak against the plan on the local Senate district at the public hearing. The county GOP also proposed three specific alternatives to keep our county in the coastal district where we have been for decades. None of this mentioned in your article.

One of the progressives you quote questioned where the Common Cause map was without seeming to comprehend that the lousy new Senate district we are placed in was drawn exactly like leftwing pressure group Common Cause proposed. The other seemed not to comprehend how redistricting is done under the Stephenson case and make ill-informed speculation on Sen. Cook.

Please report both sides of political stories.

Steve Radar