CYFL Game of the Week: 8U Panthers blank Eagles for second win

Published 1:06 pm Saturday, September 30, 2017

The 8U Washington Panthers and Washington Eagles went into Saturday morning’s game with a win apiece. Defenses exceled against streaky offenses, and Laquez Slade’s first-quarter touchdown stood as the decisive score in the Panthers’ 8-0 win.

Slade also scooted in for the 2-point conversion to put pressure on the Eagles. They drove down to the Panthers’ 14-yard line late in the fourth quarter, needing a touchdown and the two points after to force overtime.

Marshal Chase made the tackle to force a turnover on downs. It gave the Eagles the ball with 2:35 left, and fullback Kalikah Booth used his strength to push the Eagles. He started the series with a 12-yard run and got out of bounds to stop the clock. Justus Jennette followed that with a gain of 22 that put the Eagles in Panther territory.

Justus Jennette runs along the right sideline as the Eagles aim for a late touchdown against the Panthers on Saturday.

Booth pushed his way through the middle for 14 yards, but the drive sputtered out as Panther Vincent Warren made the final red-zone stop.

The Eagles had an opportunity in the first half, too. After forcing a Panther punt, Booth rumbled along the right sideline on consecutive plays for a gain of 40 yards. It put the Eagles in the red zone, but the Panthers stood tall with a sack on fourth-and-13.

The Panthers started the second half on their own 35-yard line, but were quickly set back after a run for loss and a myriad of penalties. They punted the ball away and their defense held the Eagles with ease. Jabaree Norman and Eason Taylor converged on the Eagles ball carrier for a turnover on downs in Eagles’ territory.

Logan Blank and the Panthers’ offense marched out with favorable field position. Jahmay Green provided an immediate spark with a 9-yard rush. They came within five yards of the end zone, but the Eagles held strong to keep the game within reach.