It’s well past the time for talk

Published 8:02 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2018

To the Editor:

We’ve been singing it since the 1960s:”How many deaths will it take ’til we know that too many people have died?” When will we stop offering meaningless “thoughts and prayers” and act?
I hold our legislators responsible for the continuing deaths by gun violence because they refuse to stand up to the gun lobby.
Senator Tillis, were the lives of those children and all the others who have died or been wounded and traumatized worth the $4,418,012 from the NRA and associated gun lobby? Senator Burr, were the lives of the children and all the others killed by guns worth the $6,986,620?
I am sick and tired of the excuses by Congress for not just getting it done.
Here is my simple outline:
1. Restore the automatic weapons ban.
2. Take some of the money from national security like the funds for the unnecessary border wall and institute a federal buy-back program to get all the automatic and semi-automatic weapons turned in. (similar programs have worked with local police departments.) (No, we don’t want to take your hunting rifles.)
3. Put full background checks in place as mandatory for all gun sales.
4. Ban the sale of all hollow point and similar ammunition along with all high capacity magazines.
Start there and we won’t need to worry about mentally healthy or unhealthy people having these weapons of mass destruction. Shame on all the legislators who are supposed to be doing what is right for us and for the country. I am sick and tired of all the killing. What would you be doing if it happened in the schools where your children and grandchildren attend? Maybe it will be one of their schools next.
I’m a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and my daughter is a high school teacher. I worry every day that it could happen in one of their schools.
Yes, it’s time to act and well past the time for talk.


Marilyn Talbot