Voice for a generation

Published 7:34 pm Friday, March 9, 2018

To the Editor:

We lost a legendary sports broadcaster this week, Woody Durham. It is apropos that he dies while the ACC tournament was going on.

Anyone who knows me understands what a sports fan I am. I cannot wait for college football and basketball seasons to start. It seems like an eternity between April and September.

Being a huge North Carolina fan, I grew up listening to Woody on the radio. You would watch the game on TV and then turn down the sound to listen to Woody.

Even when I was lucky enough, through special friends, to go to a game, I would take my transistor radio (remember that?) and listen to Woody call the game.

It was a special treat when I actually got to meet him.

He will be missed, but I will continue to “turn down the sound” and listen.

Kay Sharpe