There is no greater reward

Published 7:48 pm Friday, May 11, 2018

To the Editor:

As we approach the day to recognize mothers, ponder the effects of a mother who truly understands her role of rearing a child and the impact of her work on society. Motherhood carries an awesome and demanding responsibility, but is also greatly rewarding for the mother’s own individual growth and those of her community.

The true strength of any nation, society or family lies in those qualities of character acquired for the most part by children taught in the quiet, simple everyday manner of mothers.

The home produces the hope of new generations. Mothers, please realize that when all is said and done, you have no more compelling responsibility, nor are laden with any greater rewards, than the nurture you give your children in an environment of security, peace, companionship, love and motivation to grow and do well.

Rear your children in light and truth. Teach them to pray while they are young. Read to them from the scriptures and learn of Jesus Christ. Teach them the value of telling the truth, hard work and respecting leaders. Teach them that it is not all about them, but rather their service to others. Teach them the evils of drugs, pornography and laziness. Teach your sons to honor womanhood. Teach your daughters to walk in virtue. Teach them to accept responsibility in the family, in school and in the community.

Mothers, be there, as the strength for a new generation, the ever-improving onward movement of the race. Its quality will depend on you.


Cindy Baldwin