Aurora celebrates 26th Fossil Festival

Published 8:53 am Saturday, June 1, 2019


Washington Daily News


The Aurora-Richland Township Chamber of Commerce celebrated their 26th annual Fossil Festival on May 24-25 in Aurora. Like always, the festival ended with satisfied children and parents leaving with their dirty digging equipment, shark teeth and fossil souvenirs.

Despite the heat, the park was full of families enjoying the scientific exhibits and shopping at the local food and craft vendors, such as the on-site gem cutting services, old-fashioned churned ice cream and books from local authors.

Large holes and mounds of dirt spotted the two Fossil Digs as children used shovels and sifters to find treasure while their parents made their bid in the silent auction and shopped for Megalodon teeth.

The entire festival paused for the parade, where local groups and town officials rode through Main Street on vehicles, including motorized coolers. Some onlookers were recognized by participators in the parade for dressing in their best shark costumes.

The eventful day ended with live music from The Switch and fireworks to set the mood as visitors drove back to their hometowns.

For more information about the Aurora Fossil Museum’s future events, visit or find them on Facebook.

PROUD SHARK: Torrence Purdue shows off his shark gear with friends at the Fossil Festival parade, (front row, left to right) Izzy Mercer and Jada Powell; (back row) Amanda Eborn, Torrence Purdue and James Wooden. (Sabrina Berndt)

The Aurora Fossil Museum hosts the festival every year to educate young people about the earth’s past. (Sabrina Berndt)

PUPPET SHOW: The Sudan Fire Brigade entertains children on the sidelines with puppets. (Sabrina Berndt)

COOLIGANS: The Sudan Cooligans get ready for Memorial Day with their decked-out motorized coolers. (Sabrina Berndt)

BIBLIOPHILES: The Pamlico Writers Group made it clear to visitors: they like books. Attendees also visited the group’s vendor location to support local authors. (Sabrina Berndt)

GRAND PRIZE: Representatives from the Aurora Fossil Museum showcases the prize for the festival’s raffle: a megalodon tooth. (Sabrina Berndt)

PRINCESS WAVE: Many floats in the parade placed local children in the spotlight for their first 15 minutes of fame. (Sabrina Berndt)