Setting aside lies, deception, muck and untruths

Published 5:11 pm Friday, June 14, 2019

To the Editor:

Since my first birthday lots of years ago, many things have changed. For some years it seemed that a quest for truth, honesty and excellence were foremost on the agenda of leaders, politicians and those who followed their quest. Everything was not perfect. Some people practiced deception; however, most people sought to live an honest lifestyle.

Then four or five years ago, I finally began to recognize it: the disappearance of truth and honesty from the lives of people whom I have known for many of my years. How could that be, you ask? Well, first in social media. It seems that some people can repost, and in many cases post, comments and even photos that are, well, let’s recognize them for what they are: lies intended for deception. Maybe if they do it online, it might appear that they are actually disassociated from it, yet still tell the lie they want to tell. It should be recognized that in many cases they are reposting comments and photos that were devised by someone else, and they are simply agreeing with it. But, it is still untruth and deception that they are agreeing with.

Much of the muck that is thrown comes from politicians. Then we see that person is on our side of the political “aisle” and blindly agree with them. We have no reservation in joining the muck throwing at those we do not agree with.

We absolutely must remember that those politicians are not our leaders. They are our servants. That applies to the local, state and federal governments. America is a representative democracy. We are a great nation and government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Our constitution intends that our representatives pass laws that are proposed by the people, and are for the benefit of the people. Our administrative branches simply administer the laws passed by the legislative branches of our local, state and federal governments for, we, the people.

Let’s remember that lies and deception are eternally wrong. Rather than throw muck and tell untruths, let’s set goals of assisting our fellow Americans and, yes, even those we might not agree with. After all, they may be right!

Gil Alligood