Washington Bed and Breakfast offers guests the chance to live like a local

Published 4:39 pm Friday, January 29, 2021

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Take a walk through Washington’s Historic District and you might come across the Frank A. Moss House located at 129 Van Norden St. Now operating as a BnB under the moniker When Pigs Fly Inn, owners Jeff and Linda Furst are honored to be part of the home’s history.

“It was built in 1902. Frank Moss was the builder of it and he was a pillar of the community back in the day and his family was big here,” said Jeff Furst. “It was owned by multiple people, and about 20 years ago, someone bought it and turned it into a BnB so they did some renovations and added some bathrooms and ever since then, it has been used for hospitality.”

Before becoming a bed and breakfast, the Frank A. Moss House has a long history. The home as it stands today is completely renovated and restored to its former glory and features original hardwood floors, an open air portico on the front of the house, and two beautiful staircases that are original to the home. But it was not always kept in such great condition. 

“Back in the mid 1970s, this house was basically condemned. It had been abandoned and walls were falling in and people were running through here that didn’t live here. There was a family that I attribute to saving this home, the Phillips,” said Furst. “They needed a big house because they had a lot of kids. They bought the house for a very inexpensive price and they came in and saved it. They poured their heart and souls into it and they renovated it and put it back together.”  

The Fursts live on the first floor of the home in a private wing that includes their bedroom, bathroom, and small office. The couple operate the inn alongside Flying Pig Provisions, their general store located on Main Street in Washington. There are four rooms on the second floor that are available for guests and can be rented out nightly either online or over the phone. When Pigs Fly Inn is unique in its approach to a BnB business model, as the acronym does not stand for the usual bed and breakfast. 

 “My wife and I, our BnB is Bed and Bath. We have complimentary coffee, tea, water and snacks but we do not serve breakfast. That way we can keep our prices lower for more people,” said Furst.  

The Fursts have lived in Washington since 2015. They fell in love with the area and waited to find their perfect home. 

“We bought the house in 2015, so about six years ago. My wife and I had traveled across North Carolina trying to find where we wanted to make our last move as we headed toward retirement,” said Furst. “We went up to the western part of the state, and then around the central and the coast. When we came to Washington, we came here and we said ‘Game over’. It’s so beautiful here.”

The Fursts fell in love with the home, which operated as The Moss House Bed and Breakfast before being renamed to When Pigs Fly Inn by the couple. The home is a part of Washington’s historic district and serves as one of many insights into the lives of former Washingtonians. 

“My wife and I feel very fortunate to be here because of the rich history of the house,” said Furst.