Why neighbors are against the proposed Powell Place development

Published 8:23 pm Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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The objections raised by neighbors to the proposed 17-lot subdivision development have merit and should not have been trivialized as “minor” and “not real world”. We also reject the claim that we were “swayed” by the mayor. That claim is false.  Our main concern was and is keeping our neighborhood a safe place to live. Problems with the proposed placements of two new roads and problems with the proposed lot design threatened the safety of current and potential residents both inside and surrounding this property. Our objections included, among others, blatant non-compliance with the ordinance requiring city intersections to be no closer than 300 feet from each other, a minimum distance for safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic and access. This ordinance was violated by large margins in three separate places on the plat.  Overcrowding was a related safety concern.  We contend that it would be unsafe to cram 17 or more houses, plus two roads branching in three directions and including a cul-de-sac, plus three too-close intersections, all into about four buildable acres.

The ultimate responsibility for upholding our city ordinances rests with the City Council. We applaud and thank the Council members who honorably fulfilled their oath of office by upholding the letter and intent of those ordinances.

Alice Phillips