Letter to the Editor: Take down your campaign signs

Published 3:03 pm Thursday, August 26, 2021

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One of the ugliest parts of the landscape as we drive through any county are political signs — seen over and over again in mind-numbing repetition. Unfortunately, we have to put up with this for a few months before each election. Now, however, our incumbent sheriff has plastered his signs everywhere he can find, some 15 months before the November 2022 election. His future opponents, naturally, have felt they must do the same, though on a much smaller scale.

Why the sheriff wants to pollute out roadsides so early, I have no idea but I find it very offensive. I respectfully ask Sheriff Coleman to take down his signs immediately and not put them up again until this same time next year (or two or three months before any primary election he may have) — and his opponents to then follow suit.

Frederick M. Lavin