Letter to the Editor: Pay attention, drivers

Published 4:50 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

To the editor,

School buses are running again in the mornings and afternoons. Safety for our students who ride the NC school buses should be of primary concern for drivers of motor vehicles approaching a stopped school bus in the oncoming lanes. As a retired public school educator/administrator, I am acutely aware of this.

I witnessed four drivers pass through the extended stop sign of a school bus traveling west on 15th Street near the entrance where Hallmark Cards is located. The bus driver had flashed the yellow lights appropriately, which is a warning that the red lights will be flashing soon with the stop sign extended.

The four drivers who passed by this bus made no attempt to stop or even slow down as they passed the bus while traveling east. And all four had ample time to stop because the driver waited until others had passed by before extending the stop sign to stop on coming traffic.

Drivers: wake up!

For two lanes of traffic or two lanes of traffic with a turn median, every one must stop for a school bus flashing its red lights with its stop sign extended. Everyone!

Four lanes of traffic without a turn median or raised median also requires all drivers to stop, those behind the bus as well as those approaching the bus. Therefore, along 15th Street between Carolina Ave and 12th Street, ALL drivers must stop for a school bus with its red lights flashing and stop sign extended.

Only when there is a designated turn median or raised median between the four lanes may drivers approaching the bus not have to stop.

The safety of our students far exceeds the necessity for you to get where you are going.

Tracy Warren