Fire consumes up to 800 acres in Hyde County

Published 2:38 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Between 500 and 800 acres burned in a fire that started Sunday night (June 19) and continued on Monday (June 20) at Carolina Ranch in Hyde County. 


According to the ranch, a lightning strike caused a surface fire that left the peat undisturbed as of Monday. Peat is a collection of partially decayed vegetation or organic material. The fire started at the back of the ranch in a carbon farming section and spread to a tree farm section of the farm. 


The peat not catching fire (so far) is the result of extensive water management that has kept the water table high and the peat moist enough to resist the fire. As a result, we have not lost any peat. This is a successful implementation of water management to Pocosion lands to prevent fire and promote carbon sequestration,” per Carolina Ranch. 


The fire has been contained and did not reach public land. It is being managed by NC Forest Service and supported by teams with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. There are no reported injuries or structural damage. 


Carolina Ranch asks that no one visit the farm to try to see the fire. Only authorized individuals can access the land at this time. 


Carolina Ranch is a 15,000-acre farm whose mission is to “enhance our natural environment for plant and soils research, carbon farming, nature tourism, agro-forestry, and other related ventures.”