Construction of solid waste mega-sites over budget

Published 12:34 pm Thursday, June 30, 2022

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The Board of Beaufort County Commissioners held a special called meeting on Tuesday, June 28 to listen to a presentation by Vance Moore, president of Garrett and Moore Engineering Solutions in Raleigh. The presentation was for the commissioners’ information only. They did not take a vote. Two solid waste mega-sites have been proposed, not approved. 


Garrett and Moore Engineering Solutions shared a rendering which details a 15-acres solid waste mega-site that would handle; municipal waste, household waste, bulk waste (furniture and items that are not easily compacted), commingled recyclables (cans, plastics and more), corrugated cardboard, scrap metal, waste tires, white goods (stoves, freezers, refrigerators and dishwashers), electronics and used motor oil. Yard waste would be collected, grounded up (when necessary) and hauled off site. 


The mega-sites would have pre-crushers, Moore explained. Pre-crushers break down material before it goes into a compactor. It runs on an electrical motor and hydraulics. This would increase the compaction rate compared to having compaction alone – without a pre-crusher. Plus, it would make dumping the bulk waste into a landfill easier than before. Commingled and corrugated cardboard would be compacted separately. Scrap metal and waste tires would be handled through an open top container. 


Garrett and Moore would add a covered, multi-material facility that will allow collection from customers at grade and loading directly into a truck. Customers would drive into a designated lane for the specific waste material they are delivering. They would stop leaving a small amount of space between their vehicle and a wall. The waste would be dumped over a concrete wall. 


Each mega-site could cost over $2 million to construct, Moore said. During earlier conversations Moore had with commissioners, he said it would cost $2 million. He said it could be closer to $3 million including the purchase of land. The rendering of the mega-site had the site located at Magnolia School Road. 


Beaufort County has nine solid waste collection sites. (The tenth site, Yeatesville, is temporarily closed, according to the county’s website.) For landfill and collection locations as well as hours of operation, visit: