Council approves updates to Bug House Park

Published 3:59 pm Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The City of Washington Council voted unanimously in favor of a proposal from Outer Banks Tennis Contractors to construct two tennis courts and two pickleball courts at Bug House Park (121 North Charlotte Street). 


City Manager Jonathan Russell said new tennis courts have been proposed for years. The current tennis courts “have fallen into a state of disrepair,” he said at the meeting. The proposed courts would have a raised elevation and be closer to the parking lot. The current courts would be converted to a green space with a possible bench or picnic shelter and table. 


The cost to construct the courts is $148,850. Russell said $40,000 of private funds and money raised by civic organizations interested in redoing the tennis courts will be used to help pay for new courts. 


“It’s a great public-private partnership and it brings a recreational opportunity back to a dilapidated park,” Russell said. 


In addition, the playground equipment will get a facelift. New equipment that looks like bugs will be installed for kids under the age of five. It would be the only park in Washington designed for kids ages two to five. The equipment would be supplied by Cunningham Recreation. Again, Russell described the playground equipment as “dilapidated.”


They plan to add signage and historical markers as well, because it is the City’s goal to make the park a destination for families. 


Updates to Bug House are hoped to be completed by its 100th anniversary, next year.