Flash from the Past to open in downtown

Published 11:40 am Friday, August 12, 2022

Restoring historic homes is a passion of Linda and Richard Mechling that has spilled over onto their new business, Flash from the Past – an “antique and uniques” shop on Main Street. The shop features antique items curated by the Mechlings alongside new production items that are meant to look as if they came from another era. 


The Mechlings restored two homes in Atlanta, two homes in Wilmington, a home in Goldsboro and their current home in Washington. This knowledge helped them restore the “Renn” building as known by locals. Their work consisted of moving the front door to its original location in the middle of the storefront, adding historic floors that are not original to the building, rebuilding a crumbling wall and adding a large elevator to help bring furniture down from their storage area. Not to mention, painting the original beadboard on the ceiling. 


Mechling said the wall on the left hand side (as you walk into the store) was made of bricks, but they were in such disrepair that they had to be removed individually and replaced with cinder blocks which had to be installed piece by piece. 


Once repairs were completed, it was time to bring in the antiques. Many of the pieces have a classic, American design. The Mechlings like having a mix of antiques that have remained untouched; however, Linda is not above painting pieces to give them an upcycled look. The appeal of antiques is not only their durability but their timeless look. Antique stores and thrift stores are popular among younger generations who may inherit relatives’ furniture or who like the trending art deco or mid-century modern decor designs. 


“They used to say ‘nobody wants brown [furniture],’ but I think they do. I think they are starting to have more brown and then mix and match it with other pieces. You don’t have to do up your whole house in brown furniture, antique furniture – you can have an eclectic mix,” she said.  


When looking for antiques, the Mechlings look for solid wood pieces, nice hardware especially if it is the original and sometimes they look for unique elements but most of all they look for functionality – what customers need like servers, kitchen tables and benches. Also, they look for styles that are recurring which proves how classic and timeless the design remains.


Mechling said Flash from the Past will have prices comparable or cheaper than furniture stores that sell exclusively new items. 


Flash from the Past will be open next week starting Wednesday. They will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday through Saturday.