Trophy trout caught at Whichards Beach

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect a correction about the location where the Speckled Trout was caught.

Billy Whichard, 90, caught his personal best Speckled Trout weighing in at 6lbs 2 oz. and was 27 inches long and 14 inches around. He caught the trophy fish on Saturday, Feb. 25 at Whichards Beach in Washington of which Whichard is one of the original owners. 

He was with his son, Jeffrey, who helped him bring it ashore. Fishing has been a hobby Jeffrey and his siblings have shared with their father their entire lives. 

Jeffrey said his dad is not the type to get excited, except on Saturday. They were both excited and shocked by the catch. Jeffrey said it “heartwarming” to see his dad so happy about the fish. 

Because the trout weighed more than five pounds, the Wichards after having it weighed sent paperwork to Raleigh to have it certified. While the certification is in process, the Whichards are having a fiberglass model of the fish made to mount beside the certificate. 

The Whichards kept the trout and happily dined on it later that night.