Moss Landing homes sprouting from the ground this spring

Published 3:23 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Sprouting this spring are new homes in the second phase of the Moss Landing development in downtown Washington.

The first home, of 48 in the second phase, is a third of the way finished, according to Jim Wiley, president of  Beacon Street Realty. 

Twenty-one of those 48 homes have sold, according to Beacon Street. In the last six years, 34 homes were constructed in the first phase. 

This year, Washington residents will see at least five new homes “coming out of the ground” this year, Wiley said. Too, there are a couple of new homes in the first phase that either have recently been built or are near completion. These homes will be comparable in size and price to those in the first phase. 

“We’re trying to be as value oriented as we can be just knowing that costs and inflation has definitely affected the building industry, but at the same time I would say that our prices are in line with values in Washington,” Wiley said about pricing for the new homes. 

The builders for these homes are Brian Lyons with Lyons Custom Homes and Frank McLawhorn Construction Company. 

The architectural designs for phase two include designs from the existing phase, but new designs are being added that are meant to blend in with the charm of historic homes in downtown. Porches were a primary focus of the exterior design of the homes to better match the historic charm of downtown. Wiley added that the housing market has changed in that people are not building homes they can resell, but instead, are building homes that fit their lifestyle and wants of which include porches so they can enjoy the weather and views of the Pamlico River. 

“We’re following the same level of quality as far as detail and other things we feel like it fits seamlessly in the historic district and will be a welcomed addition,” Wiley said. 

Moss Landing neighbors will be able to use a second marina that is expected to be added to the development as well as a community pier, kayak and paddle board launches and a future retail space. 

Development Manager at Beacon Street, Anna Lea Moore, said a neat feature of the second phase is its easy flow in and out of downtown Washington. A loop would lead people through the neighborhood and back to downtown. 

Illustrating this, she imagined a person walking toward the Moss Landing neighborhood from the former janitorial supply company building at the corner of Harvey and Water Streets. “As you’re walking it’s another stop that will seamlessly flow and provide that perfect neighborhood walk back into the historic district,” Lea said.  “We’re excited that you would experience Moss Landing,” she said, adding, “in a seamless way back through the historic district that makes Washington so special.” 

Wiley said Beacon Street has a “great opportunity” to convert the building of a former janitorial supply company into retail space. They are also looking at a space to the right of the former Coffee Caboose as a possible option for a market or gathering place.