Community came together to show love to ’Sweetie Girl’

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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To the Editor,

A beloved member of Goose Creek left us on Thursday, Sept. 7 known as “Sweetie Girl.” She left us heartbroken and lost. For all of us who knew her realized what a sweet girl she was. She had a rough start in life and was not treated with respect or love. Her new life began on Camp Leach Road when she was thrown out like trash. But a kind man named Ronald (Doc) gave her love, food and a new life. His sister Joyce helped by finding homes for her only litter of puppies. She also got her vet services. When Ronald got sick, and his house burned down some tried to re-home her, but she was not having that. She went to the home that she claimed for her home.

For years she has been a pillar to this community. People who did not know her were worried, but even Animal Control knew everybody in the area took care of her. She had steak, chicken, seafood, porkchops etc. cooked for her. Lots of people stopped to tell her hello with a handful of treats.

She was found Thursday morning lying in the driveway where she always waited for the scheduled person to bring breakfast and in the evenings for supper. That morning a Park staff member had been by early and she had her 1st breakfast. She was already in her eternal rest when I arrived a little later.

On Wednesday evening Sept. 6, I had taken her supper, and she was brushed a long time, and I spent an hour with her to remind her how loved she was. I left her with many treats. Many prayers had been said for her. My prayers lately always consisted of God to keep her on her feet until her time came, and He granted me that prayer.

So many people loved her. To John and Mike from the park and to Officers Boyd and Williams from animal control that came and gave her a proper burial under one of her favorite spots with trees, we greatly thank them. They gave her the respect she absolutely deserved. They got pawprints to remind us of what a sweet and precious dog she was. If you happen to go to Animal control and see pawprints, remember her story. A community came together to spread love to her. How proud I am to know such wonderful people to show such love and care for one of God’s creatures.

I cannot even begin to name all the people who were a part of her life. To all those who gave food, treats, food and respect, we greatly thank you. She will truly be missed. We are to be over, in charge of the animals, not to abuse, but to give the most important gift of all and that is love, and in return you get unconditional love from them. Animals know what is in your heart. They sense if you are kind.

I thank God for the time I got to spend with her, her kind gentle eyes and her sweet demeanor.

Melanie Toler