PROFILE 2024: Camry Sadler

Published 8:00 am Saturday, April 6, 2024

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NAME: Camry Sadler 

Age: 34

Residence: Washington 

Camry Sadler was named Belhaven’s newest Town Clerk in September. She is a Pinetown native and alumna of East Carolina University. She is a former safety coordinator for facility services at ECU Health Beaufort Hospital. Her day-to-day includes maintaining important town council documents, working with Town Manager Lynn Davis and town council members,  managing the town website and cemeteries. 

  1. As someone who works in local government, how would you encourage more young people to get involved and be more civic-minded? I did not come from any local government, and I am still learning. I think do your research. I did not research I did not follow along with any politics, government, anything like that. But just having the knowledge or a basic understanding of it – there’s a lot to learn about your community. 
  2. After doing your research and now working in local government, has your opinion of Belhaven changed? If so, how? Yes, and no. Belhaven is still this cute little tiny town, but there is a lot of politics that you don’t see growing up – that you don’t really hear about until you are here. Working for a government agency – you learn that a lot of people are very political here. They are going to hold people that work here to a higher standard. They’re also going to let you know about every little thing that’s happening in this town and what needs to be fixed. 
  3. Do you feel, in general, that politicians and local government leaders listen to young voices? I do, here. I don’t have experience anywhere else, but I do here. Our mayor, our manager and even our council – I feel like they do listen, and I think they actually kind of reach out towards the younger generation. They know I look at things differently than they look at things so a lot of times they do ask my opinion on some things or how to handle some things or what we can do in Belhaven for toddlers, because I have a toddler. I think they value younger generations. 
  4. What would entice a young person to come to Beaufort County? I think it’s the river. We spend a lot of days, summer days especially, even fall out on the river, on the boat, beach areas. I think that is an attraction to Beaufort County for younger people.
  5. What are some unique challenges your generation faces versus older generations? I think your home and work life balance. I’m a mom of four so it is a struggle – my home life and trying to work a full-time job, not just a job but a career. Right now, I’m getting ready to start my clerk’s school at UNC’s School of Government, and I’m going to be gone four weeks out of the year. Well, my kids are going to be here and they still have school and cheer and wrestling and all that going on. I think trying to find the balance of chasing a career and still being a mom. 

BONUS:  What is something totally random, off the wall, that you think about often? I wake up sometimes, very often, and I want to pack up a move to a new city. I don’t know why. I love where I live. I love my job, and everything about it, but deep down it’s like I want to explore. I want to take my kids, homeschool them and just explore. I would love to move to the mountains, and then the beach