PROFILE 2024: Charlotte Stubbs

Published 8:00 am Saturday, April 13, 2024

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NAME: Charlotte Stubbs 

AGE: 27


Charlotte Stubbs, and East Carolina University alumna, is the event and venue manager at the Washington Civic Center. Her daily responsibilities include conversing with clients to make sure they have everything they need, helping event planners with design and working with staff to preserve the charm and character of the 118-year-old building that was first a train depot. 

  1. Why should people consider working, living, playing in Beaufort County? Really, the people. The people in Beaufort County are absolutely wonderful, and it feels like a really nice down home town. I think it’s one of the biggest draws that the people here are so friendly, and the added feature is that it’s beautiful and it’s historic. One of my favorite pastimes is to get out for a short walk, and walk around the water and the Harbor District and see the other people out enjoying it. It never fails that the parkway is packed full of people, people sitting in their cars or sitting out there enjoying the views. 
  2. Would you choose Beaufort County a second time as an area to work in? I would choose it over and over. We did choose to move back here to Eastern North Carolina. We were in Wilmington which is where I am from, and we love it, but it didn’t feel like home even though I am from there  for us and I think that’s because of the people. The people here in Eastern North Carolina are just so friendly and just so wonderful. They really make you feel at home. 
  3. What’s your current outlook on the world? Is it positive, negative or somewhere in between? I think it’s positive. It’s kind of what you want to focus on. It’s definitely positive especially here in North Carolina and Beaufort County. I think a lot of people here have a really positive outlook on life. It kind of lends itself to that work-life balance. I think a lot of people in Beaufort County feel that when you live in such a beautiful place and you have all of these great amenities it’s really easy to see the positives in the world and the positives with people. 
  4. When was the last time you overcame one of your fears, and how did you do it? One of the things I was not comfortable in starting out was public speaking. I think it’s something that’s tough for a lot of people. Whether it’s in front of crowds or even a small group of people I got over that by immersing myself in it and doing it more and more. I think it’s one of those things that when you pretend you’re good at it you naturally get better at it. So now I’m at the point where I’m doing a one-on-one talk with a client and her whole family and it doesn’t really bother me or being in some meetings or being in city council meetings. 
  5. How would you encourage young people to get involved in town leadership and be more civic-minded? I think a lot of it is really just asking. I would really encourage people to go up to their city council members or even mayor or city manager and just ask what opportunities there are. I think it’s really important for people to be involved, and I think younger people don’t know where to start, but there’s plenty of opportunities. 

BONUS: What is your coffee order? I make my own at home. I have an espresso machine so I make a latte every day. Whether hot or iced, typically it is a plain vanilla latte. Sometimes I’ll put a little cinnamon on it, or if I’m on a caramel kick I’ll do a caramel drizzle.