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Waterfront home provides beautiful views and plenty of space

With the Pamlico River only steps from the back porch, this waterfront home located in Bath offers stunning views, a large lot, expansive garage and ... Read more

8 hours ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Recommendations of herbs for budding gardeners

There are several herbs that you can grow in the landscape. Most of these would fall into the annual category however, meaning that you would ... Read more

1 week ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

Restored historic home ready to welcome a new family

“I love homes with a story,” said Maria Wilson, one of the two owners of Coldwell Banker Coastal Rivers Realty.  The home located at 1308 ... Read more

1 week ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Historic landmark in Belhaven provides a window into the past

Commissioned in 1899 and completed in 1904, the River Forest Manor in Belhaven provides a glimpse into the past with stunning views of the Pamlico ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Main Street home offers modern amenities and picturesque view

Located at the corner of West Main Street and Hackney Avenue, this beautiful three story home is the perfect blend of new construction and old ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Washington Bed and Breakfast offers guests the chance to live like a local

Take a walk through Washington’s Historic District and you might come across the Frank A. Moss House located at 129 Van Norden St. Now operating ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Hope still high for Carter House

Newcomers to town might not notice the Henry Clay Carter House as they pull into the parking area of Brown Library, never knowing how much ... Read more

1 month ago by Karen Thiel.

Bring your home to life with fresh cuts and potted plants

As the cold weather continues outside our homes, many of us are seeking ways to incorporate some warmth and cheerfulness to tide us over until ... Read more

1 month ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Got moles?

This time of year, I always get calls about mole tunnels across lawns. Why is that? Eastern moles spend their time foraging for food under ... Read more

1 month ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

Is a sweet potato a yam or is a yam a sweet potato?

Our family has a tradition of going camping sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The fathers in the family take the kids away so ... Read more

2 months ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

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