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Taking steps to avoid accidents

Published 9:39pm Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To the Editor:
As a native of Washington, I have always enjoyed taking long walks along our beautiful waterfront. The river and the flora and fauna found along her banks are second to none. I can even remember when the city of Washington built the boardwalk that extended past the estuarium and the Moss Landing development. I can distinctly remember that the city of Washington told residents that the city would maintain the boardwalk and it would be another way that citizens, who may not normally have access to the river, could be close to the river by access to the boardwalk. I have enjoyed the boardwalk and fully support the opportunity for exercise and enjoyment it offers the residents of the city of Washington. My concern regarding the boardwalk is the condition it is in, especially on the east end of the boardwalk. There are boards that are crumbling, but most dangerously there are boards that are not level posing clear danger to those who walk on the boardwalk.
On Thursday, October 18, I tripped over an unsecured board causing broken bones and several contusions. I am beginning an effort to have the condition of the entire boardwalk made safe for all who utilize it. To that end, I am trying to determine exactly how many incidents of trips or falls have taken place. Recently, I have heard from at least 20 persons who have tripped or fallen on the boardwalk. I understand funding limitations may prohibit the full replacement of the old boardwalk, at this time, but I do feel regular maintenance could address individual boards or sections of the boardwalk as they become dangerous.
It is my strong hope and desire that the boardwalk continues to be a place where Washingtonians and visitors alike enjoy the waterfront and downtown area. I will be asking city officials to ensure the boardwalk’s condition will be addressed in a timely manner, so that future injuries will hopefully be avoided.

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