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Sound Off, Dec. 13

Published 10:02pm Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

I thought Gary Brinn was supposed to stop the nonsense. His first vote sure didn’t indicate that.

Is it refreshing to know one county commissioner, Stan Deatherage, understands that when government engages in economic development, it is stealing money using the power of taxation to give perks to political supporters. It appears the county commissioners and the Washington City Council have forgotten about the Quick Start II building loss and the failed industrial park project in Chocowinity.

I don’t reckon nobody proofreads the Washington Daily News cause the Wednesday, Dec. 5, paper, the headline on the front page says “ALE shuts down county still.” That would imply that Beaufort County owns a liquor still. That’s the way I took it. I’ll tell you, Mr. Futrell had a far better product than what you people are printing and putting to the public. Please, please, stop printing this form of the paper y’all call the Washington Daily News.

Thank the Lord. McDonald’s is open Christmas day. I mean, not everybody has a family or friends to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. Some of us actually need somewhere to go to eat or to get food. Plus, it makes good business sense. So thank you, McDonald’s, for being open Christmas and you was open Thanksgiving, too. Thank you. It’s good business sense. I wish more stores and restaurants would stay open for Christmas as well.

Bah humbug to the person that wrote in about the Christmas parade. It’s not about you, you silly adults. It’s for the kids.

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