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Published 9:26pm Thursday, January 3, 2013

If you find the thought of working on a computer intimidating, you are not alone.
Computers have found their way into every aspect of our lives, but there is still a faction, mostly those over the age of 65, who have managed to avoid them.
It is never too late to learn how to operate a computer. Thanks to continuing education courses that will be offered at Beaufort County Community College this month, county residents over the age of 65 can learn everything from using a keyboard to writing an email for little or no money.
The college waives registration fees for one class per semester for those who are 65 years or older.
You may be thinking that you have come this far without using a computer. But, that’s like opting out of learning to drive a car because you have gotten around just fine by walking, or skipping the use of a microwave because you would much rather defrost dinner meat for a few hours.
A computer is merely a tool that will make communicating with those around you that much easier. It will give you faster, cheaper access to information and new ways of keeping in touch.
These days, more and more people own Smartphones, which are basically, computers that fit in your pocket.
In the near future, students in Beaufort County will not be carrying books to school. They will each be assigned a laptop computer.
The technological divide is growing daily, but it doesn’t have to. Give BCCC’s Division of Continuing Education a call and see just how easy life can be.
Contact BCCC’s Lou Stout, director of Occupation Extension, at 252-940-6307.
Students may register for these classes by calling 940-6375 or in person in room 802 of Building 8 on the BCCC campus.

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