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Sound Off, Jan. 22, 2013

Published 9:38pm Monday, January 21, 2013

If you enter Washington from south U.S. Highway 17, the first marker you see says, “Welcome to the Original Washington.” If you enter from the west or the east, you will also see the same markers: “Welcome to the Original Washington.” I don’t know why a few people are working so hard to try to change the name to “Little Washington.” “Little” is belittling Washington. We need to stay the “Original Washington,”

It’s too bad that Gary Brinn instead of stopping the nonsense has joined the nonsense of Hood and the rest of the idiots on the county commission board. It’s also too bad that Washington and Washington Park can’t secede from Beaufort County. Finally, the use of the word “whereas” doesn’t make a ridiculous document any less ridiculous.

I see the Republicans are grandstanding again instead of handling real problems. Our Republican commissioners need to remember they were elected to serve the residents of Beaufort County. … Our county commissioners should be handling county business, not national politics.

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