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Seek help, shelter from violence

Published 6:39pm Saturday, February 9, 2013

Domestic violence can be very frustrating and confusing for its victims. Most victims are hesitant to seek the professional help necessary to address this problem.  “I don’t know what to do,” is a primary reason victims fail to report incidents of domestic violence. The following procedures should be utilized when domestic violence has occurred:

Call 911 and report the incidence. Write down the police report/incident number and keep this information with your records.

If necessary, seek medical attention. Have your injuries documented and photographed.

Go to a safe place such as a domestic violence shelter, a friend or a family member.

Seek the support of caring people. Talk to someone you trust about the abuse.  Some choices would be staff members of a support agency like Center for Family Violence Prevention, friends, co-worker, family or neighbors. Do not face the abuse alone.

Have a safety plan. If your partner is abusive, have a plan to protect yourself and your children in case you need to leave quickly.

File for a protective order through the court system. The protective order, which is ordered by a judge, prohibits the abuser from being around you and/or communicating with you via any method.

When you decide to get help, in Washington/Beaufort County call 252-946-0709, in Plymouth/Washington County call 252-793-1500 and in Williamston/Martin County call 252-809-4290 to receive professional help through court advocacy and individual counseling. We can also assist you with finding a safe place to stay, if necessary.

Please know that if you are a victim of abuse, you are not alone. You have the right to be safe! You are not responsible for violent behavior! No one deserves to be beaten or threatened! Please call us if we can be of any help to you.

Important number: National Domestic Violence Hotline:  1-800-799-SAFE (7233).


The Center for Family Violence Prevention Greenville is working closely with Ruth’s House to provide domestic violence services to Beaufort County.  To make a donation make your check to Ruth’s House and mail to P.O. Box 2843, Washington, N.C. 27889. Your tax-deductible gift will be greatly appreciated. To volunteer, please send a note or e-mail Include your phone number and mailing address.

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