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Sound Off, March 7, 2013

Published 9:31pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How can the United States be in such a mess that they have to have civilians at military bases take time off with no pay? Then I turn right around and heard on the news where they are giving millions to Syria. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

With all the depressing and sad events that are broadcast on the news, it is so nice to know that there are kind and generous free-hearted people in this world. Thanks to the nice woman at the Burger King in Chocowinity on Monday who generously gave me a cup of flavored coffee just because she knew I liked it and would pick one up on the way out. She just bought it and brought it to my table just because she said she wanted to do something for me. It was kind and nice. Thank you very much. You made my day.

If your downtown depends on a jail for its revenue, I think you’re in bad shape. It is proving my point: downtown is dead.

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