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Find low-cost solution soon

Published 10:52pm Monday, March 11, 2013

Iron Creek residents likely will have to wait some more when it comes to seeing drainage issues there fixed, or at least minimized.
The city received one bid on the project. At $123,500 it was more than double the $50,000 the city allocated for the project.
Public Works Director Allen Lewis recommended not moving forward with the project at the cost of $123,500.
He instead recommended the city seek additional quotes on the project. It’s commendable that Lewis wants to seek more bids, hoping someone out there will do the job for less money than the lone bid submitted to the city.
Meanwhile, Iron Creek residents continue to seek relief from the drainage problems they have faced for 10 years.
Iron Creek’s flooding and drainage problems have been blamed on ill-designed drainage ditches, beaver dams and the clogged Mitchell Branch on the south side of U.S. Highway 264. City public-works crews have done some work over the years, helping alleviate the problem.
No matter the sources of the problem or who is to blame, the city is doing the right thing in seeking a solution for Iron Creek residents.
The problem should be addressed at the lowest possible cost and as soon as possible.

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