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Get out and make a difference

Published 7:23pm Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday, Oct. 26, was national Make a Difference Day. People across the world left the comfort of their own homes, volunteered their manpower to…you guessed it…make a difference in some small way.

Make a difference, the phrase, has evolved into another generic catch phrase — a generality that doesn’t so much describe an event as evoke a state of mind. It’s largely used to express an idea of positivity without often meaning much of anything.

But when the idea is actually teamed up with the effort, a true difference can be made. Like when the people of Belhaven built a playground in one day for the children of their community. Like when the Boy Scouts spent an entire morning cleaning up Jacks Creek in Washington. Like when a performance is held to raise money for the repair of an old marquee, a historic landmark in Washington. Like when fried fish/shrimp/barbecue/chicken plates are sold to raise money for volunteer fire departments. Like when individuals and organizations join together to host a Trunk or Treat in the safety of a neighborhood park, where the kids could play and the adults could socialize in a positive, family environment.

There are so many people out there making a difference every day, not just one day of the year. They don’t need the reminder that in order to better a community, they must participate in the community.

Perhaps the next named national day of recognition should be called National Appreciation Day for Those Who Make a Difference Every Day. Or perhaps we’d be better off showing our appreciation not by word, but by joining them.

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