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Sound Off, Nov. 8, 2013

Published 9:16pm Thursday, November 7, 2013

It never ceases to amaze me when people wonder why there have been so many killings in our schools. Wake up. We took God out of our schools, yet we expect him to stay and keep our children safe as usual. People, this can be fixed. Christians need to stand up for God and get the Lords Prayer back in our schools. Come on, Christians.


The time has come to install cameras along the waterfront. A couple weeks ago benches, restaurants and cars were spray painted all along the waterfront. I haven’t heard or read anything about whether those who did it were apprehended. There hasn’t even been anything in the paper about it. And there are other things happening along the waterfront in the early hours of the morning. If our areas aren’t safe, we won’t have tourists come to eat in our restaurants and shop in our stores. So we need this extra security.

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