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The Bozos of Beaufort County

Published 9:14pm Thursday, November 7, 2013

To the Editor:

I was a little amused and embarrassed at the last county commissioners meeting. The “Bozos of Beaufort County” continued to play out the joke that they have been playing on the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners for over 16 years. It’s an old tired joke, one that most commissioners and others have stopped laughing to, but a few people still believe that the “Bozos” are for real. The ones who have stopped laughing have instead been ignoring the joke, hoping that it would go away, but it hasn’t. Not only has the same old joke not gone away, it hasn’t changed a bit. Its constant punch line of “look what I’ve done for you” continues to be told over and over again with the same lack of any real results. That’s the amusing part! The embarrassing part is when a commissioner who has always insulted his fellow commissioners and called them childish names, now turns his insults on a citizen and representative of one of Beaufort County’s biggest employers and who was addressing the board. It was embarrassing to most of the other commissioners and prompted the chairman to personally apologize.

To some, the “Bozos” seem like a good idea. Their words sound good. Their ideas sound good. Fight for lower taxes and less government spending! “They’re fighting for me,” some say. To others, the joke is just that, they are a joke! They are inadequate and a sham; because of their methods and tactics, they are laughed at rather than taken seriously. But that’s what you do, you laugh at “Bozos.”

The “Bozos of Beaufort County” continue to insult and ridicule others because it’s the only way they can build themselves up. They can’t point to their achievements because they have very few. They talk and make a spectacle of themselves because that’s all they’ve got! You can’t take credit for any budget that lowered spending if you have never voted for any budget! But, if you say you’re doing something often enough, some people will begin to believe you.

I believe most would stop listening to the joke if they would stop just listening so much to the words and look more closely at the results and motives of the “Bozos of Beaufort County”.

Larry Britt




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