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Dang Democrats

Published 8:13pm Saturday, May 24, 2014

To the editor:
I am 67 years old. I was born in Beaufort County, raised in Beaufort County, and have lived here my entire life except for the two years I served in the military. I married in Beaufort County, made my home in Beaufort County and raised my family here. I worked my entire life in Beaufort County until the later years when, because of the poor economy and job market, I had to work in neighboring counties. I stilled lived and paid taxes in Beaufort County.
As soon as I was of age, I registered to vote. I registered as a Republican and have voted Republican in every election in which I have been eligible to vote since registering, even in the recent primary. I was not surprised to learn the Democratic County Commissioners voted not to aid the disaster victims of the tornado that struck our county on April 25. They have seldom done anything to help the people of Beaufort County. I am greatly disappointed on the vote of Hood Richardson, who always proclaims, loud and often, about how much he cares for the citizens of Beaufort County. To add insult to injury, he then defended his vote with such an insulting remark about the County not being able to help everyone that falls victim to a natural disaster.
Shame on you Hood Richardson!! And shame on the party that would support you. As sickened as I am with the actions of our County Commissioners, I will still exercise my right and responsibility to vote in all elections. I will NEVER again support or vote for the Hood Richardson even if it means I have to vote for a DANG DEMOCRAT.

Life-long Republican and tax paying citizen of Beaufort County

James Midyette


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