Bartow Houston

Write Again . . . When it was tulip time

  It was 1939. Many of you, I’m sure, have watched it. Perhaps numerous times, as have I. I am referring to the video of ... Read more

Write Again . . . Doesn’t tradition matter?

Gray. GRAY? They now wear gray uniforms, I tell you true. “They” are the Washington High School Pam Pack track team. Lord-a-mercy. What hath follow-the-trend ... Read more

Write Again … “The river calls to me”

Write Again … “The river calls to me” Bartow Houston     There are a lot of talented people here in Beaufort County.  Now, there’s ... Read more

Write Again . . . An unsettling experience

My aim is to get this right. That is, my intention is to simply, thoughtfully, present the facts, describe the situation, in an objective manner. ... Read more