Bartow Houston

Write Again … These are just my opinions

When I write one of these “random shots” kinds of columns my friend Ray terms it my “pet peeves.” Well. I don’t want to be ... Read more

Write Again … That tragic day in November

Our friends Penny and Johnnie, whom we have known since our Manteo-Roanoke Island-Outer Banks days, are truly loyal ECU alumni. To say they are fervid ... Read more

Write Again … It’s a matter of our values

Times change. Now, isn’t that an insightful, original thought? Sure. Among the myriad changes that I’ve seen in my three quarters of a century journey ... Read more

Write Again … A modern Tale of Two Cities

There was a long, long period of time when our town had as much as, if not more, slum properties per capita as probably any ... Read more