SOUND OFF: 3/10/12

Published 6:20 pm Friday, March 9, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

For the person in charge of Sound Off: I left something in there twice. Why do you not put it in there? The other day, there were only three or four items, so I know there’s room in the paper. So, if you’d write a thing in the paper on why and what you oppose and what you agree to and put it in there, I’d appreciate it. This is important. It’s been two weeks ago, and now it’s history-like. So, put your schedule in there of whom you send and whom you don’t.
Editor’s note: The Washington Daily News has had a long-standing policy not to publish any letters to the editor or Sound Off comments that make reference to any candidate during a campaign year. We do this as a measure of fairness to all candidates and to prevent anyone from furthering their own cause at our expense on the editorial pages of the WDN. This “blackout” began Feb. 14.

Sound Off comments are screened for subject matter, clarity and length of message. Comments about private businesses (except the WDN) and some individuals are not allowed. On occasion, we cease publishing comments about topics that have been fully discussed in Sound Off. Call 252-946-2144 ext. 235 to comment, (30 seconds maximum time). (All submissions are subject to editing).