SOUND OFF: 4/21/12

Published 6:13 pm Friday, April 20, 2012

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If you can’t express your Sound Off opinion in 25 words or less, make it a letter to the editor with your name on it. Thank you and have a nice day. Good day.

With reference to your editorial “A Billion Acts of Green,” wish that we could get our county government aboard. Whenever we go to the Gray Road transfer station with our separated papers, cans and bottles, the container is overflowing.

The tornadoes that happened in eastern North Carolina and throughout our nation last year and this year have been a terrible tragedy. When news stations go over for a whole week what happened last year, the destruction of lives that can never be gotten back, the destruction of personal property that, hopefully, can be regained. Over and over and over again they broadcast it. This is pain that people have to relive enough in their lives every day without seeing it on the news for a solid week.

I want a job with the Secret Service because at least I’ve got enough sense to know that if you play, you pay.

I would really like to see coupons put back into the Sunday circulars. … Please, please put the coupons back in the Sunday papers.

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