Split response

Published 10:48 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012

To the Editor :
Response to article on split in the Republican Party.
The split in the Republican Party of Beaufort County is really a question of why one man should be able to determine who is, and who isn’t a “True Republican.” I don’t know who put any one person or group in charge of making that determination. I believe ALL Republicans in our county have the same Republican principles of less taxes and smaller government. It just seems to be the degree of “fanaticism” is apparent in how some groups work toward those goals, and how they treat their fellow Republicans!
There is no “Liberal Republican Club” in Beaufort County. There is, however, a Beaufort County Republican Club, which represents the “main street” Republicans in our county and treats everyone with respect, whether we agree with them or not. This club believes in moving the county forward, respecting the views of others as we work toward achieving as many Republican principles as we can. This club believes in allowing everyone their own positions and opinions as we all work together for the local party.
Unfortunately, this is not the view of the Conservative Men’s Club and the Beaufort County tea arty. The men’s club seems to believe that all decisions need to be their way or they simply vote NO and they accomplish nothing, being satisfied with just talking about principles without moving toward them. While we appreciate the many great things about our county and applaud the efforts of the sheriff’s office, the EDC, the Committee of 100, the Health Dept., Vidant Hospital and the school system, they seem to find problems with just about everything they do. We appreciate all the views of the county commissioners and the citizens they represent.
I would challenge everyone to see the difference between the Beaufort County Republican Club and the Conservative Men’s Club for themselves. Go visit each and decide for yourself!