Your vote counts

Published 10:18 pm Monday, November 5, 2012

To the Editor:
To the citizens of Beaufort County:
In the way of introduction, I have the distinct honor and privilege of serving as chairman of the following boards β€” Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce, Washington Beaufort County Crime Stoppers and the Directors Council of Vidant Beaufort County Hospital. As such, I feel that it is my responsibility to ask on behalf of these organizations that you exercise your right to vote in the upcoming election. Regardless of your persuasion or inclination, please make your choice count. The right to vote is not one that should be taken lightly. Please do not β€œsit on the sidelines,” and then complain later. Your vote counts!
In closing, I ask that God continues to bless each of you in the coming year, as well as this community, and the great nation in which we live.