Sailing school paying dividends

Published 9:36 pm Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Washington Sailing School, formerly known as Little Washington Sailing Club, does more than provide fun outings for children and young adults on the Pamlico River during the summer.

Little Washington Sail School instills self-confidence in its students while teaching them the importance and value of teamwork. To be sure, the students have fun during their time on the river, but they are learning life lessons, too, lessons that will remain with them throughout their adult lives.

Little Washington Sailing School, designed the sailing program’s curriculum to introduce participants to seamanship and sailing fundamentals as espoused by the U.S. Sailing Association. The program’s intent is to promote self-reliance, teamwork, safety awareness, sportsmanship and self-confidence. The club’s mission is to provide a sailing program for youth that encourages them to enjoy recreational sailing along the city’s waterfront and Pamlico River.

Last year, 71 students graduated from the program. Half of them came from Beaufort County, but the program hosted many out-of-towners who are the grandchildren of retirees who invite them to come for a week to enjoy the Pamlico River.

Little Washington Sailing School begins its fifth season in a little more than a month. In its first four years, Little Washington Sailing School has seen its programs expand in numbers of students and courses offered. There’s no doubt Little Washington Sailing School is a successful venture.

And there’s something about seeing those small sailboats moving all over the river off Washington’s waterfront that’s just plain satisfying. Those small sailboats darting among the larger, anchored sailboats add to the harbor’s appeal.

Little Washington Sailing School does not limit its programs to only those who can afford it. The Little Washington Sailing School, thanks to its private and corporate friends, offers scholarships to children who otherwise could not afford to sign up for sailing lessons. Area residents, businesses and civic clubs should consider providing funds to boost that scholarship program.
As we’ve said before, those who invest in the Little Washington Sailing School are investing in the community and its children.