Tell mother you love her

Published 8:53 pm Saturday, May 11, 2013

The essays nominating area women for consideration as the Washington Daily News’ Mother of the Year prove several things.

First, they prove there are many mothers deserving of the honor. Second, they prove that the nominees’ sons, daughters, husbands and other family members consider respective mother to be the “greatest mother” in the area, state, nation or world. Third, the essays provided abundant evidence of the love the nominators have for their mothers and the sacrifices made by those mothers who were nominated.

Ericka Mason is the 2013 Washington Daily News Mother of the Year. While the essay nominating her is unique, no doubt there are many other mothers who exhibit the qualities that make Mason this year’s honoree. Her story appears on Page 1A.

One essay describes that nominee as living a life that “reflects the life of a servant’s heart always putting others first. She taught us morals and values, and lived by example for us to model our lives by.”

That’s what a good mother does.

Another essay notes a mother’s response when asked what she would be wearing for Easter.

“I don’t even know where I’m gonna get milk to feed my baby. I think my Easter outfit from last year will be just fine,” the mother responded.

That’s what a good mother would say.

Another essay tells the story of a mother who cared for her children and the community.

“Mom is at her best assisting in the community. She is a constant and dedicated visitor of the hospital, nursing and rehab centers and homes. She has never met a stranger,” it reads.

Those are qualities a good mother possesses.

One essay provides this insight into an area mother.

“When I asked for a Betsy Wetsy doll for Christmas one year, Mom took the scraps from dresses she had made for me and made a whole wardrobe of clothes for my doll. These little dresses had puffed sleeves, collars, and matching bonnets,” reads the essay.

That’s something a loving, caring mother would do.

An essay submitted by two daughters of a mother offers this lesson.

“Now we are both mothers and have passed on the lessons learned from our mom to our own children. We give her credit for raising successful, thoughtful, happy daughters with Christian upbringings,” they wrote.

That’s what a good mother does — teach by example.

It’s regrettable only one of the nominees could be selected as Mother of the Year.

It’s heartwarming to realize there are so many mothers deserving of the honor.

The greatest reward, honor or recognition each of us could give our mothers is to tell them we love them.

That’s just what the essays accomplished.

Much love to all mothers, whether they were nominated or not.