Waterfront issue requires a solution

Published 8:53 pm Saturday, May 11, 2013

During daylight hours, Washington’s waterfront and the Stewart Parkway promenade are serene, relatively quit places for people to gather and enjoy.

At night lately, that situation is different. And it’s not a nicer difference. Some area residents would like the evening version of the waterfront to be like the daytime version.

Kudos to Washington City Council member William Pitt for scheduling discussion of the issue during the City Council’s meeting Monday. Pitt plans to discuss the matter during the latter part of the council’s meeting when council members and the mayor bring up other items not formally included on the council’s agenda.

Pitt desires a conversation on loitering and loud music on the waterfront and downtown sections of the city. The planned discussion is timely.

A patron at a downtown restaurant was overheard discussing the issue Friday. Although the patron didn’t voice an opinion on the matter, the fact that the patron mentioned the issue to her fellow diners indicates the situation is of some importance to some segments of the community.

City residents and visitors with concerns about the matter — or possible solutions — should attend the council meeting and let their voices be heard. After all, it’s their waterfront because it belongs to the public.

The waterfront is one of the city’s greatest assets. That asset should not be tarnished. Monday’s discussion should go along way in protecting that asset so everyone can enjoy it —day and night.