Board makes thoughtful dress code changes

Published 10:25 pm Monday, June 24, 2013

Beaufort County Schools surprised many by not only taking a closer look at relatively fresh dress code policies, but also making quite a few changes.
Parents, students and faculty should have seen the thought each board member put into the process.
They debated etiquette, expenses, effects on behavior and safety before making the major changes. Best of all, they listened to principals, people who provided more insight of the daily consequences of having a dress code that included tucking in shirts and wearing belts.
The wishes of parents and students were not shared during that meeting and neither stakeholder attended the meeting to voice an opinion.
Despite that, it was nice to hear that one reason for the acceptance of denim in the school dress code was that it might be a more economical option for parents.
For those who have issues with the dress code changes, remember you have a voice in the process 365 days of the year. Monthly board meetings are aired on public access television. Minutes are posted on the school website and all meetings are open to the public. The school system’s efforts at being transparent are commendable.
You can share your support or displeasure in the board’s actions in person, by phone or by email. The contact information of each board member may be found on the Beaufort County Schools website,