Take pride in tower effort

Published 5:12 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In a county that predates most American states, it is wonderful to see so many people take an interest in preserving Beaufort County history. This week, a piece of Washington’s nautical history became a permanent part of the Festival Park landscape. A coastal-warning tower that is more than a century old was placed in front of the North Carolina Estuarium.

Only a handful of such weather towers still exist in North Carolina. It used lights at night and flags during the day to warn mariners of approaching storms. The new installation will include signage that explains and shares its history.

Preserving the tower was a group effort involving local residents, the Washington Harbor District Alliance and several local businesses. What made this project that much sweeter was the support that came from the Washington City Council. In an age where arts and tourism have been some of the first to lose state funding, it was nice to see that the City Council can still see the value in a $14,000 investment.

A community that embraces its history is culturally richer for it. Property owners benefit from the city’s culture and history because property values are higher in revitalized areas.

Residents also benefit from the sense of pride gained by knowing and acknowledging its place in history. And there is a lot to be proud of in Beaufort County.