Syria situation

Published 8:53 pm Monday, September 9, 2013

To the Editor:

Western nations, including the U.S., have nothing in common with Middle East countries. Their culture is totally different from the U.S. We learned this from the Vietnam War and nations. Middle East countries and the Arabs place no value on life. They are ruled by tribal leaders and the Quran. President Obama and his White House have decided the U.S. has a major interest in Arabs killing each other with chemicals. The Democrats said George Bush had no right to attack Iraq and Saddam Hussein, who was using chemical weapons against his own citizens. What a bunch of hypocrites who call themselves Democrats.

America has no business inserting itself into Arab warfare. It is not in our national interest. This is a United Nations matter. Syria is a member of the U.N. Demand that the U.N. takes action. We pour billions of dollars into the U.N. If it won’t act, withdraw from the U.N. and give them two years to relocate and let some other nations like Russia and France set up U.N. luxury living and ineptness in their countries. Name me one war the U.N. has stopped or prevented since its inception. Not one! In addition, it despises the U.S. We don’t need the world looking to America for taking some action. The Arab world has its own Arab Council of States. Let them judge and take action. America, stop trying to defend the world, including the Arab countries. Let the U.N. handle this conflict.

Frank Owen